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Imię Zezelj zostało odnalezione 1 razy w 1 różnych krajach. (USA)
Nazwisko Zezelj zostało użyte co najmniej 161 razy w co najmniej 8 krajach.

      Surname Zezelj
Nadane imiona
Ivan Zezelj (7)
Marija Zezelj (6)
Franjo Zezelj (4)
Mirjana Zezelj (3)
Vlado Zezelj (3)
Stjepan Zezelj (3)
Milan Zezelj (3)
Kresimir Zezelj (3)
Drazen Zezelj (3)
Igor Zezelj (2)
Marko Zezelj (2)
Danica Zezelj (2)
Zeljko Zezelj (2)
Vera Zezelj (2)
Denis Zezelj (2)
Katarina Zezelj (2)
Bozica Zezelj (2)
Gordana Zezelj (2)
Vladimir Zezelj (2)
Ivica Zezelj (2)
Tomislav Zezelj (2)
Darinka Zezelj (2)
Darko Zezelj (2)
Ivo Zezelj (2)
Dragica Zezelj (2)
Jurica Zezelj (1)
Mateja Zezelj (1)
Mate Zezelj (1)
Marta Zezelj (1)
Ljubica Zezelj (1)
Ksenija Zezelj (1)
Ljuba Zezelj (1)
Katica Zezelj (1)
Marijana Zezelj (1)
Marina Zezelj (1)
Nikola Zezelj (1)
Tome Zezelj (1)
Vlatka Zezelj (1)
Sretko Zezelj (1)
Srecko Zezelj (1)
Spiro Zezelj (1)
Zdravko Zezelj (1)
Zemira Zezelj (1)
Zvonimir Zezelj (1)
Zoran Zezelj (1)
Zlatica Zezelj (1)
Zlata Zezelj (1)
Silvija Zezelj (1)
Sava Zezelj (1)
Nevenka Zezelj (1)
Nada Zezelj (1)
Mladen Zezelj (1)
Milka Zezelj (1)
Joso Zezelj (1)
Pere Zezelj (1)
Sabina Zezelj (1)
Renata Zezelj (1)
Radovan Zezelj (1)
Radojka Zezelj (1)
Matija Zezelj (1)
Grga Zezelj (1)
Dunja Zezelj (1)
Dean Zezelj (1)
Danilo Zezelj (1)
Dalibor Zezelj (1)
Eufimija Zezelj (1)
Jasminka Zezelj (1)
Predrag Zezelj (1)
Ognjen Zezelj (1)
Mioljka Zezelj (1)
Mayer Zezelj (1)
Dafinka Zezelj (1)
Bozana Zezelj (1)
Slavica Zezelj (1)
Ulrike Zezelj (1)
Oriana Zezelj (1)
Jelia Zezelj (1)
Slavisa Zezelj (1)
Snezana Zezelj (1)
Boro Zezelj (1)
Paul Zezelj (1)
Dusanka Zezelj (1)
Soka Zezelj (1)
Vojislav Zezelj (1)
Duro Zezelj (1)
Dubravka Zezelj (1)
Drinko Zezelj (1)
Dejan Zezelj (1)
Gojko Zezelj (1)
Davor Zezelj (1)
Josip Zezelj (1)
Jelena Zezelj (1)
Ivana Zezelj (1)
Branko Zezelj (1)
Branimir Zezelj (1)
Ana Zezelj (1)
Agneza Zezelj (1)
Zelimir Zezelj (1)
Vukosava Zezelj (1)
Anita Zezelj (1)
Ante Zezelj (1)
Braco Zezelj (1)
Bozidar Zezelj (1)
Borivoj Zezelj (1)
Josipa Zezelj (1)

Zezelj   Zezelj   

Zezelj pisany od tyłu to Jlezez
Imię zawiera 6 liter - 33.33% samogłosek and 66.67% spółgłosek.

Anagramy: Zezlej Zzelej Ezzejl Zzelje
Rymy: Zezeli Zezelja Zzeelj Zezejl Zezlej

Rhymes: befell cell fell sell hell

Meaning of this name is unknown.
Branislav says: While i was researching for meaning of my own surname, i stumbled across some writings in old books i was reading back then.I found out that surname Žeželj is used mainly in Balkan region, and following some documents i found out that meaning of surname Žeželj is drown from daily life. Some item that is used to tie down dogs in their yards who were guarding their homes is called ŽEŽENJ. Surname ŽEŽELJ is drown from that word. That is what i have discovered roughly speaking. What i also have discovered during my humble research is,in the past, when people used to believe in many things and have been feared from nature, wild beasts etc., they used to give their children names like VUK(-WOLF),LAV (-LION), MIROSLAV (-SOMEONE WHO CELEBRATES PEACE), BRANISLAV (-SOMEONE WHO GUARDS GLORY) etc.. believing if they give their children strong names they will be strong,fearless,healthy like the beasts who name they assigned to him. Back in the days mortality of newborn was high and they used to believe they will protect them giving them strong names.Mostly, strong names were given to male children. Female newborns were given names like Jelena,Sunčica,Maša,Nadja, and they also had some meaning and it also been drown from daily life, but they were more feminin. Its mainly Serbian Orthodox surname,butt, its also commonly used in many Catholic Croat family. Its known that during WWII people who lived in regions of Lika,Dalmacija,Vojna Krajina, was Serbs,and when WWII started, people who lived in that areas did not have any information who is on the right and who is on the bad side. Changing religion,from Orthodox in to Catholic, they were trying to keep their homes,lives, and wealth. From the experience learned during the Ottoman Empire when people also changed their confession from Orthodox to Islam to keep their lives. During the WWII and when they noticed that the level of starvation is almost same with the suffering during the Ottoman Empire, they again decided to resort to any solution that could save their lives and changed their religion once again to Catholic religion. That explains why there is so many religion using same surnames in Balkan region. Writing this i had no intention to insult any man or female, or any religion mentioned above.Its just something i found out during my amateur research and reading some old books.All stay well and happy. Best regards.

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Pisarze: Danijel Zezelj, Daniel Zezelj

Książki: "Daniel Zezelj: Stray Dogs"

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