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Użycie: 28% imię, 72% nazwisko.
Imię Ronin zostało odnalezione 227 razy w 13 różnych krajach.
Nazwisko Ronin zostało użyte co najmniej 575 razy w co najmniej 22 krajach.
Imię Ronin jest w 0% żeńskie i w 100% męskie.
Chinese: 罗宁 (pinyin: luō nìng)

      Surname Ronin
Nadane imiona
Claude Ronin (5)
Philippe Ronin (3)
Patrick Ronin (3)
Robert Ronin (3)
Georges Ronin (3)
Chantal Ronin (3)
Michel Ronin (3)
Igor Ronin (2)
Pierre Ronin (2)
Jan Ronin (2)
Anne Ronin (2)
Yolande Ronin (2)
Yves Ronin (2)
Catherine Ronin (2)
Alexis Ronin (2)
Monique Ronin (2)
Armand Ronin (2)
Jerome Ronin (2)
Stephane Ronin (2)
Herve Ronin (2)
Bernard Ronin (2)
Michelle Ronin (2)
Olivier Ronin (2)
Vincent Ronin (2)
Marie Ronin (2)
Luc Ronin (1)
Liliane Ronin (1)
Lucien Ronin (1)
Lucienne Ronin (1)
Magali Ronin (1)
Madeleine Ronin (1)
Jonathan Ronin (1)
Jean Ronin (1)
Emile Ronin (1)
Dominique Ronin (1)
Franck Ronin (1)
Gaston Ronin (1)
Guillaume Ronin (1)
Gilbert Ronin (1)
Marcel Ronin (1)
Marc Ronin (1)
Sidikus Ronin (1)
Galina Ronin (1)
Cornelius Ronin (1)
Vladimir Ronin (1)
Dan Ronin (1)
Regina Ronin (1)
Sebastien Ronin (1)
Reine Ronin (1)
Didier Ronin (1)
Matthieu Ronin (1)
Michele Ronin (1)
Julia Ronin (1)
Paul Ronin (1)
Pascal Ronin (1)
Ludovit Ronin (1)
Claudette Ronin (1)
Bruno Ronin (1)
Adeline Ronin (1)
Sabrina Ronin (1)
Alain Ronin (1)
Jacques Ronin (1)
Emmanuel Ronin (1)
Angele Ronin (1)
Christine Ronin (1)
Patricia Ronin (1)
Clement Ronin (1)
Aurore Ronin (1)
Florence Ronin (1)
Roger Ronin (1)
Remi Ronin (1)
Regis Ronin (1)
Xavier Ronin (1)
Jocelyne Ronin (1)
Rebbeca Ronin (1)
Andree Ronin (1)
Michael Ronin (1)
Caroline Ronin (1)
Frederic Ronin (1)
Christian Ronin (1)
Veronique Ronin (1)
Sandra Ronin (1)
Marianne Ronin (1)
Lionel Ronin (1)
Paula Ronin (1)
Valerie Ronin (1)
Warren Ronin (1)
Renee Ronin (1)
Denis Ronin (1)

Given name Ronin
Ronin Bal (1)
Ronin Selahi (1)

Ronin   Ronin   

Ronin pisany od tyłu to Ninor
Imię zawiera 5 liter - 40.00% samogłosek and 60.00% spółgłosek.

Anagramy: Ronni Innor Nroin Roinn Nonir Noinr Rnoni
Rymy: Lonin Rronin Ronyn Ronjn Ronen Ronina Rnoin Ronni Roinn

Rhymes: Cronin Bakunin Benin Bulganin Bunin Eltanin serotonin melatonin calcitonin loaning cloning

Znaczenie imienia Ronin to: little seal
Ronin says: My name is a Kurdish name meaning the new sun

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Old Wiki
Name: Ronin
Gender: Masculine
Location: Asia
Language: Japanese
Thematic: History
Meaning: According to the Bushido Shoshinshu (the Code of the Samurai), a ronin was supposed to commit oibara seppuku (also "hara kiri" - ritual suicide) upon the loss of his master. One who chose to not honor the code was "on his own" and was meant to suffer great shame. The undesirability of ronin status was mainly a discrimination imposed by other samurai and by the daimyo (the feudal lords).
Rōnin might be hired as yōjimbō (bodyguards or mercenary fighters) by villagers, merchants, or others in need of protection. In this way, many ronin were extended a respect equal to that of master-sponsored samurai by the general population; they were actually preferred by Zen masters, artists, and philosophers over the faceless samurai counterparts, who remained ultimately subservient to their Samurai masters.
Like regular samurai, some ronin still wore their daisho. Bound and dedicated men, most samurai resented the personal freedom that the wandering ronin enjoyed. Ronin were the epitome of self-determination; they were independent men who dictated their own path in life, answering only to themselves and making decisions as they saw fit.
During the Edo period, with the shogunate's rigid class system and laws, the number of ronin greatly increased. Confiscation of fiefs during the rule of the third Tokugawa shogun Iemitsu resulted in an especially large increase of ronin. During previous ages, samurai were easily able to move between masters and even between occupations. They would also marry between classes. However, during the Edo period, samurai were restricted, and were above all forbidden to become employed by another master without their previous master's permission. Also, low-level samurai, often poor and without choice, were forced to quit or escape their master.
Comments: "Meaning" copied from the Ronin Article @ Wikipedia.
Although in Japan Ronin is not used as a given name, in English-speaking countries it sometimes is.

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