Statystyki i znaczenie imienia Faasse

Użycie: 4% imię, 96% nazwisko.
Imię Faasse zostało odnalezione 11 razy w 2 różnych krajach. (USA,Malaysia)
Nazwisko Faasse zostało użyte co najmniej 245 razy w co najmniej 8 krajach.

      Surname Faasse
Nadane imiona
Marco Faasse (1)
Jonathan Faasse (1)
Peter Faasse (1)
Sonia Faasse (1)
Karljin Faasse (1)
Karlijn Faasse (1)
Catherine Faasse (1)
Kristen Faasse (1)
Martha Faasse (1)
Gordon Faasse (1)
Cindy Faasse (1)
Len Faasse (1)
Kellie Faasse (1)
Gord Faasse (1)
Betty Faasse (1)

Faasse   Faasse   

Faasse pisany od tyłu to Essaaf
Imię zawiera 6 liter - 50.00% samogłosek and 50.00% spółgłosek.

Anagramy: Afsaes Aasefs Fsasae Eassaf Afasse Aafses Seafsa Faases Ssefaa
Rymy: Foasse Faassse Faassea Faases

Rhymes: crevasse demitasse impasse Hesse Jesse Larousse Matisse boss was cause wash cough

Meaning of this name is unknown.
Hans Faasse says: Faasse name originates from the province of Zeeland in the South West of Holland. The name likely changed from Face to Faes and then to Faasse. We discovered that in late 16th century (around 1596)a Face moved from Antwerp to the North and settled in St Philipsland. Likely was either full Azkenazi jew or had Azkenazi Jew blood (The word Jew only came into history in 1750) Anyway he did not originate from Hebrews. He may have been 'on the run'otherwise it would have been more logic to move to Amsterdam. These Azkenazi Jews were kicked out of Spain and Portugal for obvious reasons and moved to the North. Holland had his Golden Age because of the settlement of these jews in Amsterdam. Later they moved to Britain (causing the British revolution). I am the only Faasse living in Malayisa, except for my daughter. There is not anybody here with the first name of Faasse. sometimes the surname comes first in the registers....

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Pisarze: Patricia E. Faasse

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