Statystyki i znaczenie imienia Carswell

Użycie: 4% imię, 96% nazwisko.
Imię Carswell zostało odnalezione 319 razy w 3 różnych krajach.
Nazwisko Carswell zostało użyte co najmniej 6145 razy w co najmniej 15 krajach.
Imię jest pochodzenia Old English.
Chinese: 卡斯韦尔 (pinyin: kǎ sī wéi ěr)

      Surname Carswell
Nadane imiona
John Carswell (21)
Alexander Carswell (21)
Robert Carswell (17)
David Carswell (16)
Alison Carswell (11)
Allan Carswell (10)
Adam Carswell (10)
Andrew Carswell (9)
Agnes Carswell (9)
Anne Carswell (8)
Christopher Carswell (8)
Colin Carswell (8)
Alan Carswell (8)
James Carswell (7)
Christine Carswell (7)
Heather Carswell (6)
Laura Carswell (6)
William Carswell (6)
Elizabeth Carswell (6)
Janet Carswell (5)
Don Carswell (5)
Brian Carswell (5)
George Carswell (5)
Ian Carswell (5)
Joseph Carswell (5)
Matthew Carswell (4)
Catherine Carswell (4)
Sarah Carswell (4)
Peter Carswell (4)
Susan Carswell (4)
Wendy Carswell (4)
Stuart Carswell (4)
Linda Carswell (4)
Mark Carswell (4)
Abigail Carswell (4)
Carolyn Carswell (3)
Gillian Carswell (3)
Benjamin Carswell (3)
Donald Carswell (3)
Russell Carswell (3)
Glen Carswell (3)
Natalie Carswell (3)
Lilian Carswell (3)
Kevin Carswell (3)
Adrian Carswell (3)
Barry Carswell (3)
Paul Carswell (3)
Angela Carswell (3)
Amanda Carswell (3)
Helen Carswell (3)
Chris Carswell (3)
Ben Carswell (3)
Lisa Carswell (3)
Rick Carswell (3)
Dave Carswell (3)
Iain Carswell (3)
Thomas Carswell (3)
Ron Carswell (3)
Graham Carswell (3)
Kim Carswell (3)
Fleming Carswell (3)
Richard Carswell (3)
Douglas Carswell (3)
Joan Carswell (3)
Lindsay Carswell (3)
Claire Carswell (3)
Ethel Carswell (2)
Lloyd Carswell (2)
Lee Carswell (2)
Emma Carswell (2)
Elsie Carswell (2)
Abby Carswell (2)
Fiona Carswell (2)
Ciara Carswell (2)
Chloe Carswell (2)
Gilesta Carswell (2)
Carol Carswell (2)
Martin Carswell (2)
Boyd Carswell (2)
Roger Carswell (2)
Hannah Carswell (2)
Adele Carswell (2)
Doreen Carswell (2)
Dorothy Carswell (2)
Angus Carswell (2)
Jennifer Carswell (2)
Alex Carswell (2)
Donna Carswell (2)
Jonathan Carswell (2)
Ann Carswell (2)
Eileen Carswell (2)
Jeremy Carswell (2)
Clare Carswell (2)
Anthony Carswell (2)
Kenneth Carswell (2)
Jean Carswell (2)
Nancy Carswell (2)
Muriel Carswell (2)
Christina Carswell (2)
Candyce Carswell (2)
Greg Carswell (2)
Rachel Carswell (2)
Robt Carswell (2)
Tom Carswell (2)
Ken Carswell (2)
Chas Carswell (2)
Phillip Carswell (2)
Collin Carswell (2)
Tim Carswell (2)
Dale Carswell (2)
Zena Carswell (2)
Duncan Carswell (2)
Shawn Carswell (2)
Sylvia Carswell (2)
Sharon Carswell (2)
Glenn Carswell (2)
Bob Carswell (2)
Pamela Carswell (2)
Michael Carswell (2)
Deborah Carswell (2)
Neil Carswell (2)
Nicola Carswell (2)
Michelle Carswell (2)
Bill Carswell (2)
Gary Carswell (2)
Jacqueline Carswell (1)
Simon Carswell (1)
Margaret Carswell (1)
Stephen Carswell (1)
Stephanie Carswell (1)
Janine Carswell (1)
Sean Carswell (1)
Joanna Carswell (1)
Joanne Carswell (1)
Jessica Carswell (1)
Lydia Carswell (1)
Margot Carswell (1)
Sheila Carswell (1)
Lynn Carswell (1)
Janice Carswell (1)
Nichola Carswell (1)
Gregg Carswell (1)
Gregor Carswell (1)
Mary Carswell (1)
Graeme Carswell (1)
Grace Carswell (1)
Wystan Carswell (1)
Yvonne Carswell (1)
Winifred Carswell (1)
Nicholas Carswell (1)
Hugh Carswell (1)
Timothy Carswell (1)
Tobermore Carswell (1)
Victor Carswell (1)
Guy Carswell (1)
Sylvie Carswell (1)
Sandra Carswell (1)
Nicolle Carswell (1)
Priscilla Carswell (1)
Kimberley Carswell (1)
Lillias Carswell (1)
Keith Carswell (1)
Rebecca Carswell (1)
Rachelle Carswell (1)
Philip Carswell (1)
Penny Carswell (1)
Olive Carswell (1)
Leeanne Carswell (1)
Patricia Carswell (1)
Peggy Carswell (1)
Lesley Carswell (1)
Kirstin Carswell (1)
Kirsty Carswell (1)
Katy Carswell (1)
Katie Carswell (1)
Ruth Carswell (1)
Jon Carswell (1)
Rosamund Carswell (1)
Samuel Carswell (1)
Jolanta Carswell (1)
Luke Carswell (1)
Oliver Carswell (1)
Lucy Carswell (1)
Louise Carswell (1)
Katherine Carswell (1)
Rhoda Carswell (1)
Maureen Carswell (1)
Katherina Carswell (1)
Romayne Carswell (1)
Josephine Carswell (1)
Sara Carswell (1)
Beverley Carswell (1)
Garnet Carswell (1)
Rene Carswell (1)
Gilbert Carswell (1)
Nathalie Carswell (1)
Les Carswell (1)
Alfred Carswell (1)
Jeff Carswell (1)
Lucie Carswell (1)

Given name Carswell
Carswell Holm (1)
Carswell Chris (1)
Carswell Brown (1)


Carswell pisany od tyłu to Llewsrac
Imię zawiera 8 liter - 25.00% samogłosek and 75.00% spółgłosek.

Rymy: Corswell Calswell Carrswell Carsswell Carsvvell Carswella Craswell Carswlel

Rhymes: Boswell Roswell groundswell swell Aspell Bell Blackwell barbell bombshell

Znaczenie imienia Carswell to: Lives at the watercress spring
Bob Carswell says: There are a number of different views on the origin of this name but to be part of the original families you need to be a male and do a yDNA test. Go to for more details. In the period prior to 1607 the place we know as Great Britain was actually two feuding countries over what was known as the Borders. The hatred of the Border families was well known because they were theives, cattle rustlers, and generally took what they needed to survive. It all started with Robert the Bruce roughly around 1300 A.D. He would attack the British, take all of the border clans with with him and on his way back destroy all crops and steal all the cattle so the British could not buy food for their army and therefore stopped chasing them. The Borderers or Round Heads as they became known who travelled under one banner but represented 77 Border families would continue on with this practice of stealing for the rest of their lives and for a total of 350 years. Out of this period came the names of KERR, KER, CARR & CAR and from those 4 spellings of different branches of the original KERR family, Came the origins of the family name CARSWELL. Today we known a well as a pipe coming out of the ground with an electric pump on it. Our ancestors dug holes in the ground until they reached water, lined the wells with stone and drew water out with a rope and bucket. The original well was actually a place where someone went to get water in a local stream, brook, lake or what flowing source they found that became recognized as the local water source for humans. While some believe we draw the name as an offshoot of Cresswell where watercress grows, how could it be if there was no watercress at our well. And what about other thoughts that it began with Gaelic words to mean an outcrop of something like that? I personally came to the conclusion that the name CARSWELL originates from a variation of KERR's WELL and took hold of the spelling of CAR's Well, the location by which the original family lived. Having said that I can confirm from my own yDNA that our ancestors go back some 8,500 years in Scotland and surnames are much more recent. Those sharing my yDNA include the names Carswell, McCarty, Carson and many others with different names that for the most can be identified as offshoots of earlier family branches who were known as something else when the actual surname was created. Mc means "son Of" so maybe the CAR in CARTY points to a nickname. At the same time, CARSON is the Son of CAR, self explanatory. So there you have my view of how the family name came about, whether you agree or not, it makes pretty good sense to me. Robert Anthony Carswell Toronto, Canada

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Znane osoby: Robert Douglas Carswell, Stuart Carswell, Frank Willis Carswell, Catherine Roxburgh Carswell, Tim othy "Tim" Christopher Carswell, Sean Carswell

Pisarze: Brett Carswell, Grace Carswell, Sean Carswell, Bob Carswell, Jonathan Carswell, Rodney Carswell, Carswell Roger, Simon Carswell, Carswell Jonathan, Jim Carswell, Johnathan Carswell, Rebecca Carswell, Carswell Publishing, Douglas Carswell, Anne Carswell, Carswell Rodger, John Carswell, Donald Carswell, Jane Carswell, Elizabeth Carswell

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