Statystyki i znaczenie imienia And

Użycie: 26% imię, 74% nazwisko.
Imię And zostało odnalezione 264 razy w 32 różnych krajach.
Nazwisko And zostało użyte co najmniej 737 razy w co najmniej 37 krajach.
Imię And jest w 100% żeńskie i w 0% męskie.
Chinese: 安德 (pinyin: ān dé)

      Surname And
Nadane imiona
Johanna And (3)
Kirsti And (3)
Patrik And (2)
Art And (2)
Jan And (2)
Marie And (1)
Marita And (1)
Mikael And (1)
Margareta And (1)
Magnus And (1)
Leonard And (1)
Liz And (1)
Nadja And (1)
Altin And (1)
Rigmor And (1)
Susanne And (1)
Reklamna And (1)
Pirjo And (1)
Petra And (1)
Per And (1)
Pernilla And (1)
Ianul And (1)
Nosike And (1)
And And (1)
Phillipa And (1)
Arvi And (1)
Hansen And (1)
Brodrene And (1)
Evelyne And (1)
Anders And (1)
Carin And (1)
Diana And (1)
Rob And (1)
Jerry And (1)
Heidi And (1)
Gabriella And (1)
Elin And (1)
Filip And (1)
Amerigo And (1)

Given name And
And Cars (3)
And Green (2)
And Reas (2)
And And (1)
And Andh (1)
And For (1)
And Sandqvist (1)
And Widen (1)
And Res (1)
And Hjalmeby (1)
And Hoffmann (1)
And Chiesman (1)
And Aparicio (1)
And Gamache (1)
And Cosentino (1)
And Alpha (1)
And Reis (1)
And Otto (1)
And Trzyna (1)
And Noden (1)
And Dubas (1)


And pisany od tyłu to Dna
Imię zawiera 3 liter - 33.33% samogłosek and 66.67% spółgłosek.

Anagramy: Adn Nda Nad Dan
Rymy: Ond Anda Adn Nad

Rhymes: fund shunned gunned stunned

Meaning of this name is unknown.
Ta strona została odwiedzona w następujących krajach: United States Germany Philippines United Kingdom India Canada Sweden Italy Ireland Lithuania Hong Kong Thailand Romania Poland Europe Australia South Africa Switzerland


Znane osoby: Svalbard and Jan Mayen

Pisarze: Andelys Jolley, Andes Hruby, And Friends, Howard Ande, And Clarke, Ande Cook, and Contributors, and Others, Andes Katherine, Ande Diaz, and Ryffel, and Smith, Donna Andes, Norman and, Gini Anding, and Shaffer, and Templeman, and Museum, Ande Park, and Zouridis

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