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Użycie: 1% imię, 99% nazwisko.
Imię Kirsopp zostało odnalezione 3 razy w 1 różnych krajach. (USA)
Nazwisko Kirsopp zostało użyte co najmniej 194 razy w co najmniej 5 krajach.
Chinese: 柯索普 (pinyin: kē suǒ pǔ)

      Surname Kirsopp
Nadane imiona
Andrew Kirsopp (7)
Alison Kirsopp (6)
Aimee Kirsopp (4)
Andrea Kirsopp (4)
Anthony Kirsopp (4)
Alan Kirsopp (4)
Neil Kirsopp (3)
Anne Kirsopp (3)
Barbara Kirsopp (3)
Alfred Kirsopp (3)
Benjamin Kirsopp (2)
Ashley Kirsopp (2)
John Kirsopp (2)
Ann Kirsopp (2)
David Kirsopp (2)
Michael Kirsopp (2)
Angela Kirsopp (2)
Amy Kirsopp (2)
Anna Kirsopp (2)
Margaret Kirsopp (1)
Gordon Kirsopp (1)
Mary Kirsopp (1)
Graham Kirsopp (1)
Laura Kirsopp (1)
Kimberley Kirsopp (1)
Kimberly Kirsopp (1)
Joan Kirsopp (1)
Mandy Kirsopp (1)
Susan Kirsopp (1)
Thomas Kirsopp (1)
Wendy Kirsopp (1)
William Kirsopp (1)
Robert Kirsopp (1)
Teresa Kirsopp (1)
Garry Kirsopp (1)
Patricia Kirsopp (1)
Peter Kirsopp (1)
Rodney Kirsopp (1)
Stephen Kirsopp (1)
Miriam Kirsopp (1)
Bridie Kirsopp (1)
Ayesha Kirsopp (1)
Barry Kirsopp (1)
Beatrice Kirsopp (1)
Betsy Kirsopp (1)
Avril Kirsopp (1)
Audrey Kirsopp (1)
Adam Kirsopp (1)
Albert Kirsopp (1)
Annie Kirsopp (1)
Arthur Kirsopp (1)
Bianca Kirsopp (1)
Birgitt Kirsopp (1)
Christine Kirsopp (1)
Claire Kirsopp (1)
Colin Kirsopp (1)
Edna Kirsopp (1)
Cheryl Kirsopp (1)
Catherine Kirsopp (1)
Bjorn Kirsopp (1)
Brenda Kirsopp (1)
Brian Kirsopp (1)
Abigail Kirsopp (1)
Emma Kirsopp (1)


Kirsopp pisany od tyłu to Pposrik
Imię zawiera 7 liter - 28.57% samogłosek and 71.43% spółgłosek.

Rymy: Kilsopp Kirrsopp Kirssopp Kyrsopp Kjrsopp Kersopp Kirsoppa Krisopp Kirspop

Rhymes: workshop

Meaning of this name is unknown.
Dave Kirsopp says: The name Kirsopp originates from the Scots English borders. It can be seen in the landscape there spelt as "Kershope". It means a place of cress or a place of grass. Cress-hop (Hop meaning place and cress = cress/grass). I personally feel it means cress because all the places with the name Kershope are near to the Kershope Burn - which is the sort of waterway that would have cress in it - which would make it distinctive in the landscape. Place names include Kershopefoot, Kershopehead, English Kershope and Scots Kershope (facing each other across Kershope Burn). Also the Kershope Forest in that area. There is a Kershope Castle the remains of which are in a forest north of Kielder. The castle was associated with "Robert de Gresshoppa" and is considered to have been in existence by the mid 12th century as Malcolm IV of Scotland granted land in "Gresshoppa". This would indicate to me that the name has Scottish origins - as it is hard to imagine a Scots King granting land and permission to build a castle in this sensitive border region to an Englishman!

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Znane osoby: Kirsopp Lake

Pisarze: Lake Kirsopp, Kirsopp Lake, Agnes Kirsopp Michels

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