Statystyki i znaczenie imienia Kausalya

Użycie: 87% imię, 13% nazwisko.
Imię Kausalya zostało odnalezione 153 razy w 7 różnych krajach.
Nazwisko Kausalya zostało użyte co najmniej 22 razy w co najmniej 4 krajach.
Imię jest pochodzenia Sanskrit.

      Surname Kausalya
Nadane imiona
Theyagarajah Kausalya (1)
Pirathapan Kausalya (1)

Given name Kausalya
Kausalya Padhi (3)
Kausalya Sathiyalingam (2)
Kausalya Swamynathan (1)
Kausalya Narayanan (1)
Kausalya Ramachandran (1)
Kausalya Raman (1)
Kausalya Nageswaran (1)
Kausalya Sivaji (1)
Kausalya Motilal (1)
Kausalya Dinesh (1)
Kausalya Dayaram (1)
Kausalya Balasuriya (1)
Kausalya Kalidindi (1)
Kausalya Kanapathywasam (1)
Kausalya Kalyanaraman (1)
Kausalya Damodaran (1)


Kausalya pisany od tyłu to Aylasuak
Imię zawiera 8 liter - 62.50% samogłosek and 37.50% spółgłosek.

Anagramy: Yakuslaa Aasyluak
Rymy: Kousalya Kaussalya Kausalia Kausalyaa Kuasalya Kausalay Kausayla

Znaczenie imienia Kausalya to: N/A
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Old Wiki
In the Ashram one of our favourite bhajans begins with the lovely line :
Kausalya Subhraja Ramachandra
"Rama, like the radiant moon you are the brightly shining light of Kausalya"
Kausalya was the mother of Sri Rama. Imagine what good qualities she must have had to bear an incarnation of God as her own son. From this fact we can understand that she was a highly evolved lady with a pure nature.
The word Kausalya has a number of meanings. Kausalya means highly skilled. So a person with this spiritual name should practise one skill with great attention and devotion. Kausalya also means welfare. One with this name should aspire to have the welfare of all beings in mind. Thus this name is most suitable to one whose life is dedicated to giving service. Kausalya also means cleverness. Each Sanskrit word has a special vibration which creates the energy of its meaning. That is why it is important to use the spiritual names that Swamiji gives. For example, using the name Kausalya will increase one's capabilities physically, mentally and spiritually, especially for the student, and lead the aspirant closer to the divine spark within herself.

Pisarze: Kausalya Hart

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